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US$26 / HK$200

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Hong Kong: HK$20 / East Asia: [1]Except Japan, Middle East US$12 / Everywhere Else: [2]Japan, Middle East, Europe, America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific... US$13
Traditional tote bag design focuses on the visual expression in the bag body only, but 7 Little Moments focuses more on the strap handle with the bag body as a whole unit of design.

7 Little Moments improve tote bag simpleness, come with zipper, inside phone holder and extra small zipper pocket.

Bag size fit for 13″ notebook, A4 folder. The bag is designed for hand carry.


Water-proof cotton twill, Eiffel Tower made from 2mm thick PVC, come with small Eiffel Tower zipper pull heads


Width: 32cm Height: 36cm Gusset: 5cm Handle: 27.5cm

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