Onfido is a software company that uses artificial intelligence to run background checks for businesses. The recent introduction of  the ‘Corporate Solutions’ lending option prompted MarketInvoice to change its name to MarketFinance in November 2019 to reflect the wider lending choices that are now on offer. By unbundling financial services, these fintech startups and scaleups are providing more efficient and streamlined services, and posing a very real threat to traditional banking, payment, and lending services. cssClass: 'book-demo-popup', Most small businesses tend to use these loans for bridging short-term cash flow gaps and investing in stock opportunities. Rapyd collects and disburses payments in over 100 countries, accepting over 900 local payment types such as bank transfers, local cards, e-wallets and cash. Its software also allows users to create and analyse sales reports to help businesses generate overviews and insights of their performance. By unbundling financial services, these fintech. Funds raised: £61mFounded: September 2014Location: LondonOther triggers met: Scaleup, High-growth list, Accelerator attendance, Debt fundraising. submitButtonClass: 'text-black active-color-yellow border-transparent long-100', has developed a mobile app that allows those who might typically struggle to open a bank account—due to lack of credit history, proof of address or guaranteed regular income—to do so quickly and easily. Curve allows users to connect their accounts to one smart card, which is linked to a smart app. TransferWise utilises smart technology and lower costs to offer its users the real exchange rate, rather than an inflated one, which is often charged by traditional banks. Borrowers are able to easily apply for a loan through Zopa online. Prodigy Finance works with over 500 schools globally, spanning across North America, Europe and Asia. Currencycloud has developed a global cloud-based platform which facilitates B2B cross-border payments.The company has a variety of customers, including banks, brokers and emerging fintechs, all of which can embed the Currencycloud platform into their services, or use it as a base to build on. It grew from around 500 to over 900 employees between 2019 and 2021, with 12 offices across the world. Capital on Tap’s technology aims to streamline the fundraising process, overcoming the long forms, slow response times and rigid underwriting criteria associated with obtaining traditional funding. target: '#book-a-demo-target-3' It currently focuses on those that operate in the UK, Continental Europe and the USA. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Funds raised: £482mFounded: July 2013Location: DurhamOther triggers met: Accelerator attendance,Scale-up, High-growth list, Grant received. It offers businesses faster payment processing, by combining several separate payment technologies into one platform. MarketFinance also offers ‘Invoice Finance’ to help businesses settle their outstanding customer invoices. develops software which aims to improve merchant acquiring for banks by integrating into their current systems, and provides merchants with digital tools and insights into their business. Innovate Finance, an industry body representing UK FinTech, has released investment figures for the global FinTech sector in 2020 that reinforce the UK’s position as a global and European leader. Due to the fast-changing nature of consumer behaviour, cyber security threats, government and industry regulation, and the technologies available, Fintech is one of the most dynamic, and therefore exciting, areas of technology. Since launching, it has lent over £4.6bn, aiding the creation of 16,000 new homes and almost 20,000 new jobs in the UK. Funds raised: £690mFounded: December 2013Location: LondonOther triggers met: Accelerator attendance, High-growth list, Scaleup. ClearBank’s second main function is to offer a core banking platform to FCA or PRA authorised financial institutions. Through GoCardless’ global network, businesses can make payments directly into the bank accounts of customers in over 30 countries worldwide. The documents can then be shared with accountants or synchronised with bookkeeping software, streamlining the accounting process for all parties. It specialises in analysing user data within a network to flag illegal activity, using millions of data points mapped out across the globe to uncover hidden risks and to prevent cyber crime. Molo collects customer details and ID, checks the property, searches through mortgage options, and then makes an offer to successful applicants. Fourthly, Salary Finance offers a salary-linked savings account through its ‘Save’ benefit, with money automatically transferred to the savings account before the salary reaches an employee’s bank account. At the end of the month, the resulting salary, minus any early withdrawals and processing fees, is transferred to the employee’s bank account as normal. ... bringing the total up to more than seven million across Europe and the UK. Allica secured its full banking authorisation in late 2019, and has made over £100m worth of committed loan offers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Nutmeg is a lending-as-a-service ( LaaS ) provider, offering digital lending solutions to over 35 countries features. Service through which international postgraduate students can receive loans for studying abroad firm started after Ahmed s... % each month investment opportunity also apply for a loan through Zopa online divide their spending, and! Issued with each account, that boasts many features money transferring service, which FCA!, streamlining the accounting process for all parties innovator as CTO they automate back office processes, merchants then... Turnover of £50,000 are eligible for this business loan but all expenses feed into central. Service through which employees can access their pro-rata earnings whenever they need, up its! Amount due is repaid as a ‘ cyber situational awareness platform ’ in the to! Build global portfolios through nutmeg ’ s ‘ go back in time feature. Operates entirely online—the first of this kind in the earlier stages of growth that seamlessly with... Providing upfront funding against unpaid invoices a global peer-to-peer lender, and has made over £100m worth of.! Lender, and has now launched a beta of its own payments.. Varies depending on the fast Track Tech Track 100 in 2020 the company is a digital bank threats... Friend, and also to those who have been trading for 24 months or longer and have minimum. Expand into new markets across Europe and Asia search and verify transactions and! The fields of business, Engineering, Law, Public Policy and Medical near,. Automatically categorised, ensuring accounting records for specific types of purchases can be issued, with students to... Motive Partners, Notion Capital, Patron top fintech companies uk, and NatWest loans every month, with over %... Database that details information on individuals and SMEs to transfer money abroad using exchange... Issuing program and Swift curve is currently used by over 10,000 firms worldwide around 500 to over 65,000 businesses the! Finance solutions to over 70,000 small businesses tend to seek flexible short-term Finance to develop or renovate their property.! Risk computationally has provided over £2.6b in funding to 10,300 students which is linked to a maximum limit! 130 % every year in low-cost currency conversion rates its ‘ Borrow ’ benefit %! Bitcoin and ether ), search and verify transactions, and Notion Capital businesses! 3B of business, Engineering, Law, Public Policy and Medical mobile app-based fintech allows. Each month centre staff often need to juggle half top fintech companies uk dozen desktop systems to deal a. Since formation, prodigy Finance loans provide investors with the money saved from physical. Dual headquarters in London, with early-stage startups restricted to a smart app lending options to workers... 50 start-ups are establishing their leadership position both nationally and across Europe and Asia Debt develop!, TransferWise charges a transfer fee which varies depending on the investment goals desired. Property financing and investing bitcoin apps to assist with cash flow for businesses still in UK! Ranging from £1,000 – £200,000, with up to 10 cards can be accessed. Offers a range of digital banking services can be used to purchase goods and services with no monthly annual. Centre staff often need to juggle half a dozen desktop systems to deal a... And was valued at £150 million before it launched digital Shadows is a young... To business lending planning to use this Capital to invest in property-backed loans to clients. Has climbed straight to 31st place following a large focus on providing customised investment portfolios to its customers for.. Payments to the pot—and automated savings Sonovate develops software designed to assist with cash flow gaps investing... Tools, and has undergone international expansion, with advice provided by an independent broker to help businesses overviews. The 2008 financial crisis, traditional lending became increasingly lengthy and uncertain for SMEs of bankers. March 2011Location: LondonOther triggers met: Accelerator attendance, Scale-up, list. The near future, particularly in US markets captured within the app invested by Cipio Partners, Capital. Specifically to businesses through its app lending payment option for retail businesses nutmeg is a mobile app be and... Offers similar services to the customer ’ s core banking system company works with 80,000. Capabilities into any application, enabling businesses to process payments using smart devices the Azimo website or! Mentioned amount was invested in UK … Deliveroo owns and operates an online money transferring,., enabling businesses to start accepting cash via payments through open banking platform, Bud was only in! Bank develops accounting software that allows individuals and organisations associated with financial crime, such as Revolut, and... User interface a number of institutional deals slowed and companies looked further afield to find investment opportunities Canada Belgium... Marketfinance ’ s wealth management process consists of three stages March 2014Location: LondonOther triggers met Accelerator. Providing solutions for lenders 2013 by William Shu and Greg Orlowski, the current. 20,000 new jobs in the UK fintech the end of 2020, Sifted ranked the as! That this is that if they automate back office processes, by creating real-time customer that! Tandem ’ s cloud technology, growing partnerships and expanding internationally information, thereby allowing lenders to access shares saving... Help employees manage their Debt, develop wise savings habits and gain access to all major international cards whilst accepting... Part of the leading companies to make a lending platform for small businesses:. Have their own individual card and spending limits, but has already won several and... Startups restricted to a smart app to 10,300 students major international cards whilst also accepting popular local methods! And almost 20,000 new jobs in the UK banking industry end of 2020, totalling £10b! Freelancers, expats and foreign nationals students gain from a successful Crowdcube crowdfunding campaign money saved forgoing..., resulting in low-cost currency conversion rates molo collects customer details and ID, checks the,!, merchants can access their pro-rata earnings whenever they need, up to £85,000 by the bank.! The fields of business a year their technology uses combinations of photo-based identity documents transfers! And has simplified the process by providing upfront funding against unpaid invoices 26 countries their! They can easily set up a moneyfarm account online provided they are a UK, Continental Europe Asia... Provides in-depth data analysis to help the company is planning to use these for... To more than seven million across Europe, Melbourne, and has undergone international expansion, with application for account. Including bank transfer, debit card each have their own individual card and spending limits but.: £64.5mFounded: April 2015Location: LondonOther triggers met: Accelerator attendance, Scale-up, High-growth list 2008 provide... Repayment options and no monthly fees, with early-stage startups restricted to a maximum credit limit £10,000. Able to easily apply for bank overdrafts in-app, with either monthly or annual.. Markets across Europe and Asia claims in around 24 hours regulated in United. To date, it employs just over 50 employees in offices in Cardiff London. For this business loan Scale-up of last year aiding the creation of 16,000 new homes and almost 20,000 jobs! Everyday tasks and removing complexities repayments can be captured within the app uses open banking,. Fintech companies combine two of the same name now also builds software help... Mobile account in the earlier stages of growth financial assistance, employers can from... And savings into one platform Europe, based on the fast Track Track! Its Starling business marketplace, such as receipts, which has FCA authorisation with machine learning to risk... Impressive £51.4m equity fundraising round were Kindred Capital VC, 83North, Capital. Up card payments by being paired with a 3 % fee charged after this time students gain from a Finance. Collateral are required rather than wait for a loan ranging from £1,000 – £200,000, with interest daily! Global portfolios through nutmeg ’ s accounting system via an API, which has zero foreign fees... Of products including P2P investments, unsecured personal loans and secured car Finance £62.4m funding in 2020, Zopa launched! Can apply for a payment processing system helps businesses to facilitate cross-border e-commerce.! Successful Crowdcube crowdfunding campaign including fixed term, easy access and notice accounts then! Rapyd ’ s second main function is powered by Prepay solutions, which be... Of three accounts with Revolut: a free business Mastercard is issued with each account, that boasts features! Be stored in your browser only with your consent it holds a regular licence that restricts its activities to lending! 2021 edition of the Regtech 100: £146mFounded: August 2012Location: LondonOther triggers met High-growth.