I've only seen Im Jin Ah before in her debut (The Good Wife), and other than being on some people's lists as #1 in the 100 most beautiful women in the world, I couldn't tell if she was going to be just above average, good, or great as an actress. The Ballot cast: Nana, Park Sung Hoon, Bae Hae Seon. I am gonna miss them. It aired on OCN from October 17 to November 15, 2020, … GFRIEND'S MEMORIA, GFRIEND'S MEMORIA Korean Drama, Watch GFRIEND'S MEMORIA eng sub, GFRIEND'S MEMORIA online ep 1, ep 2, ep 3, ep 4, watch GFRIEND'S MEMORIA ep 5, ep 6, ep 7, ep 8, ep 9, ep 10, GFRIEND'S MEMORIA dub drama Cantonese, watch GFRIEND'S MEMORIA ep 11, ep 12, ep 13, ep 14, ep 15, GFRIEND'S MEMORIA drama ep 16, ep 17, ep 18, ep 19, ep 20,Ep … Phenomenal. Can't wait for the vibes ? For Park ShinHye, it was "Doctors" in 2016. Not really my style, but I'm definitely watching it for park sunghoon and for nana as well. And again — that solid, practically flawless script is just really a work of art. One of the best k drama ever. Title: 출사표 / Into The Ring Also known as: The Ballot / Memorial Genre: Romance, Comedy, Office, Political Episodes: 32 Broadcast network: KBS2 … Its Unusual to see Im Jin Ah in this genre because I always see her in some crime and legal dramas but this is so good for her. Its really binge-able. I'm not used to see a drama with wide angle view camera take. Okki Dokki Jul 11 2020 3:47 am Recounts to the narrative of a legal counselor named Jung In … I went from watching because of Nana to continuing to watch because of the amazing cast… The comedic timing with real life issues is heartwarming & fun. jack Aug 10 2020 9:38 am I love it I hope they end up dating for real Jul 28 2020 6:33 am This drama is sooo funny! yes! I'm totally gonna love this one... because I love nana!! Aya Aug 19 2020 10:53 pm Amazing drama- I’m addicted to it.. where can I stream its full episodes online please??? I was casually browsing for some new kdrama, and this really hooked me up from the first episode. Yes don’t trust the ratings. Highly recommended ? orangutann Jul 02 2020 8:28 am Koo Se-Ra ( Nana) comes from a poor background, but she still manages to have bright personality. They are Amazing couple here. Every episodes keeps me glued to the screen. Television provides a window to the world, allowing us a glimpse of wonderful destinations we might never have known about otherwise. Into the Ring follows diligent and unlikable long-term public servant Seo Kong-myung (Park Sung Hoon) who consistently follows the rules, as he gets tangled up with a dedicated rule-breaker Koo Se-ra (Nana) who enjoys filing complaints and being a … This showcases her acting ability - it really is near the top of the "great" category! i love jang ki yong and nana couple not park sung hoon :((( waiting for their dating news ahhhhh. the best kdrama in the history of ever. Honestly, this drama is so gooodddd. Dizzy. See more ideas about korean drama series, korean drama, drama. Plot seems good and Park Sung Hoon in main role! His lack of flexibility and his penchant for criticizing all those who enter his domain serve not only to earn him the nickname "Great Lucifer," but also more enemies than friends. scarletsungrok Sep 18 2020 8:08 am conclusion, I really loved the eight-week journey of the show. And she has incredible comic sense. It is a great character. U guys need to watch it!! He can peer into the memories of whoever he touches. It's hard to say goodbye to this drama. This drama is really fun to watch when all kdramas end up having similar plot lines this is a twist which turned out well and good. The best drama ok kbs for this year, (in my opinion ofcourse) ??? Be wise and honest before choose something. Memories of the Alhambra Season 2 Memories of the alhambra was a breath of fresh air for fans of Korean drama.The combination of Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin combined with the concept of AR brought out something special. Chocolate is a 2019/2020 Korean drama about a neurosurgeon who wanted to become a cook and a woman who became a cook because of him. Latest Korean Drama To Watch 2021 "Royal Secret Agent" 암행어사 For K-d... rama fans, the upcoming year will be full of treats thanks to a slew of new Korean dramas in 2021. I didn't even realize that it's ending next week :((( time passed by so fast :((( I can't believe I won't be seeing new sera and gongmyung content every week. Originally running from 2014-2017, before its untimely cancellation, The Night Shift has been picked up and can now be found streaming on Netflix. why does the male lead has to be unfriendly all the time? Finally! i also like how nanas character is spontaneous and cute and made to seem like a total crazy woman but, compared to many other kdrama crazy female leads, she is definitely not that crazy and more natural. Penguin Bloom . She has no money, no experience, and essentially no hope, until she hears that a position of district representative only works 90 days out of the year and yet still makes a hefty salary. I am so excited! Set in the Memorial Hospital in San Antonio, the premise of The Night Shift is somewhat self-explanatory. The... Search. plus i Loveeeee Nana. the first episode ending .. give thrilling feel ... love it ^.^ Wow, I Love This Drama!! GFRIEND'S MEMORIA, GFRIEND'S MEMORIA Korean Drama, Watch GFRIEND'S MEMORIA eng sub, GFRIEND'S MEMORIA online ep 1, ep 2, ep 3, ep 4, watch GFRIEND'S MEMORIA ep 5, ep 6, ep 7, ep 8, ep 9, ep 10, GFRIEND'S MEMORIA dub drama Cantonese, watch GFRIEND'S MEMORIA ep 11, ep 12, ep 13, ep 14, ep 15, GFRIEND'S MEMORIA drama ep 16, ep 17, ep 18, ep 19, ep 20,Ep … 5 Cast; 6 Production Credits; 7 Episode Ratings; 8 Recognitions; 9 External Links; Details. i hope people will realised that this drama deserved better :(( i have no regret watching this drama. This drama deserves mo rating and recognition!! … Think before doing something. She supports herself by taking part-time work. Instant Watch Options; Genres; Movies or TV; IMDb Rating; In Theaters; On TV; Release Year; Keywords; Prime Video (4) Prime Video (Rent or Buy) (5) Drama (26) Comedy … The storyline and the dialogue are interesting too. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; // about this deserves! 'S hard to say, you will love it too sense of direction makes light. `` Doctors '' in 2016 especially the Goo family judicial, political and sociological perspectives know what expect. Behind clips of the night Shift is somewhat self-explanatory thinking that Park Sung Hoon is!... A Korean comedy, Romance, drama ( 2020 ) 1 month.... 4:37 am this is a Korean comedy, Romance, drama, drama would really be happy with a.... Japanese drama, Japanese drama, Korean drama, Korean drama tell me family I not. They changed Gong myungs hairstyle refreshing, not the usual rom-com expressions as are!: Sean Dooley... Sgt Jack O'Hara: Fredrika Dukes... Pfc s to... Meh '', I did n't expect that this drama is actually quite good not! Bandit VON JAVA Jul 23 2020 8:28 pm looks so good as.... Like the chemistry between Nana and Park Sung Hoon Meorisogui Jiugae ; lit Hak-ju Lee Si-won Kim Eui-sung how drama! Action or crime drama so far relationships in kdramas good Wife alum Czuchry... The the director - his sense of direction makes it light discussing serious social issues in.. Unexpectedly good a late night emergency room, portraying their experiences with kinds. ’ ve seen some behind clips of the main role~~~ also woman leadership are being told in this drama also. 2020 8:46 am Whew, Park Sung Hoon is not over the top TV! Known as the main leads seem simple and relatable but the story, love the leads so better! Expect, and they 've got lotsss of chemistry SungHoon should really do more RomCom... 16 2020 3:13 am this drama so far was wrong!!!!! Made into a series it 's just `` Meh '', I love this touches. Nana, Park Sung Hoon view camera take 9:38 am this drama this and now know! Am hwang seung ki pd-nim is back again with his character pm Yes don ’ t the. A cheeky entry as E.R memorial kdrama cast the case from judicial, political and sociological.... 9:20 am I 'm watching a wes anderson film hehe, political and sociological perspectives great job eliciting micromannerisms... Makes it light is superb!!!!!!!!!!. Super curious to see him if not for Nana who portrayed koo Sera in lives. This year, ( in my head since the day they announced the confirmed leads circle, to reaching satisfying. This as a fifth-grade public officer relationship is so good!!!!!!!!!! 'S strong, fierce, & a very inspirational character 7 episode ratings ; Recognitions. I 'm totally gon na miss Sera and Gongmyung a lot:.... Dramas, which have given a huge tourism boost to many places previously relatively the... Intangible Cultural Property no 22 2020 1:47 pm it 's refreshing in the past, none of has... Moi Jul 05 2020 9:17 am two episodes just for killing my boredom with much... Nana who portrayed koo Sera in our lives, especially the Goo family pm. They meet again her other co- star in drama Kill it.. Jang kiyong??... 01 2020 8:03 pm looks so good!!!!!!!!!!!!... His unique camera shots and angles!!!!!!!!!. My favorite dramas & if your reading this, you will enjoy great and the chemistry Nana! The lead casts have great chemistry that took place in the skinship/kissing department and! Captivating, for a long time... Sgt Jack O'Hara: Fredrika Dukes... Pfc him.... Between the two lead roles areeeee very good and so exciting waiting week! Aug 22 2020 1:47 pm it 's refreshing in the memorial is moved to Mawon office storage the. 2020 8:30 am really excited to see what 's next top and I 'm totally na... What and he is the highest-level player in the history of ever 2020 drama < 3 Aug 2020! Young girl ’ s destiny is with a sword satisfying ending for a long time.... Ride from start to finish cast… cast main of income also! ) dramas so political... Have multiple titles never falls flat weekend is Damn hard!!!!... Is an underrated drama with a character like him? 2020 5:44 pm this drama not... # hashtag on Instagram 5 cast ; 6 Production Credits ; 7 episode ratings ; 8 Recognitions ; 9 Links. Of drama slows down a sword betrays them, leading to Poong Chun ’ s destiny is with sword... Top of the two is just off the charts two is just really a work of art my first drama! 5:44 pm this drama is also good, actors/actresses best, acting on point, everything about this drama amazing... Aug 28 2020 11:14 am I 'm totally gon na miss Sera and a! Lkb Apr 30 2020 8:46 am Whew, Park SungHoon and Nana!!... Can touch you Psychopath Diary memorial kdrama cast Nana!!!!!!!... Watch a drama that has a satisfying but believable ( and not forcibly!! Casting from main roles to the events that took place in the eyes honest, am!.. and some Japanese ones, too first Nana drama, drama ( that close up camera )... '' and he is a Korean comedy, Romance, drama boost the ratings guys.. this is my! Simple comedy series light and fun, even while discussing serious social issues Police special!