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Panorama Double Faced Bag

Seldom see design focus on the bag inside, this series idea inspired from the panorama photo and put it inside a bag. When you open the bag, you can see the city around on your hand, it is so funny!

Strap Series Tote Bag

Traditional tote bag design focuses on the visual expression in the bag body only, but this series focuses more on the strap handle with the bag body as a whole unit of design.

Lucid Series Beach Bag

Lucid series concept is let people know what you bring out. It is quite conflicting with the purpose of bag which sometimes protect your privacy and you do not want others know what inside your bag. With sense of humor from this series, you can sink your stuff into beer, you are so rich and brave to let strangers know you have lot of money, or even you don't let the cat out of bag ;)

"See Money Open Eyes" Series (「見錢開眼」系列) Coin Bag

"See Money Open Eyes" (見錢開眼) is a Cantonese slang means money-minded, eyed only on advantages. Based on this concept, a circle shape coin bag, when open it, it looks like an eye open and full of coins (money) inside.


Precious Series Tote Bag

What are precious gifts to human? They are time, green, love and freedom.

Prototype Products

These products are in development stage, not yet mature to support a series of product in a same concept.